Wisestars Flower Potions

Flower essence and aromatherapy infused organic potions, lotions, butters and splashes. Created with the cycles of the stars and planets, using flowers, plants and gems from the earth.

Collection includes elixirs to help gracefully navigate planetary transits and body potions to enhance inner beauty, love, harmony, grounding and protection. Both the elixirs and potions include the essence of organic roses grown in my Sonoma County garden and infused in oil or water on astrologically potent days. Flower oils are made by steeping roses, dandelions, lemon balm or honeysuckle in oil for a 28 day moon cycle to enhance the magical and medicinal effects.

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SATURN-1oz flower essence potion $22

Helps to develop patience and resilience. Encourages ability to manifest dreams and build foundations. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Blackberry, Elm, Gentian, Penstemon, Sage,  and Rose flower essences and Amethyst gem essence in a base of Rose and Honeysuckle infused brandy (or Rose glycerine for those sensitive to alcohol).

Blackberry-Supports ability to root in and develop the strength and will to manifest in the external world.

Elm-When responsibilities seem overwhelming and exhaustion and overwhelm set in. Helps bring a sense of ease and support from nature and spirit.

Gentian-To develop feelings of inner faith and hope when there is little to be found in the external realm.

Sage-Learning from life experiences and patterns. Seeing karmic connections and gaining wisdom from the aging process.

Penstemon-Develops fortitude and resilience when life seems unfair.

Rose-Raises awareness of beauty, especially in the complexity of life. Enhances love and pleasure.

Amethyst-Spiritual clarity and protection, helps to calm and soothe nerves.

URANUS-1oz flower essence potion $22

Encourages grounding into the earth as well as spiritual growth in the midst of chaos, shock and surprises. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Corn, Dill, Star of Bethlehem flower essences and Smoky Quartz gem essence in a base of Rose and Honeysuckle infused brandy (or Rose glycerine for those sensitive to alcohol).

Corn-Grounds and centers you in your body. Brings a greater sense of connection to the earth.

Dill-Feeling overwhelmed and disorientated by too much information/technology. Helps to process, absorb and make the most of a large amount of sensory input or stimulation.

Star of Bethlehem-Restores and soothes when a shock has occurred. Brings connection to spirit as a source of healing and renewal.

Smoky Quartz-Brings a grounded sense of connection while detoxifying from unwanted energies and influences. Connects the body to the earth.

NEPTUNE-1oz flower essence potion $22

Supports soulful connections, psychic protection, boundaries and enthusiasm for life. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Centaury, Fawn Lily, Forget-Me-Not, St. John’s Wort, Wild Rose flower essences and Lapis Lazuli gem essence in a base of Rose infused glycerine.

Centaury-encourages strong sense of self and own needs; supports ability to say no and set boundaries when needed. If you are one of those people who feel that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of and feel you are "too nice", Centaury is the remedy for you.

Fawn Lily-feeling too sensitive to engage with the outside world. Delicate nervous or energetic system. Helps you to feel protectedand supports an engaged spiritual presence when interacting with others.

Forget-Me-Not-feeling connected to spirit world and beloved dead. Heals feelings of loneliness and separation that can arise from feeling cut off from spirit.

St. John's Wort-Being too open and vulnerable to the point of feeling depleted. Helps to bring a strong solar or "light" filled energy into the body and soul.

Wild Rose-feeling hopeless and disengaged with life. A lack of life force energy. Wild Rose encourages "joie de vivre" and enthusiasm for life. Renews vitality and engagement with life.

Lapis Lazuli-clears unwanted energies and grounds you in your own spiritual power and connection. Encourages receptivity and understanding of messages from spirit and the divine.

Pluto-1oz flower essence potion $22
Helps integrate “shadow” sides of personality while developing personal power and strength. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Black-Eyed Susan, Penstemon, Sagebrush, Sweet Chestnut flower essences and Black Tourmaline gem essence in a base of Rose infused glycerine.

Black-Eyed Susan-helps to integrate all parts of the personality, recovering power and energy that may be blocked from trauma or upsetting experiences from the past.

Penstemon-Helps build fortitude and resilience when life seems unfair or harsh.

Sagebrush- Purifies and cleanses old patterns and emotions that don't fit with current sense of self. Brings a greater connection to the true self.

Sweet Chestnut-Brings courage and faith when life seems bleak and hopeless. This remedy is for "dark nights of the soul" times, when all seems to be lost. Helps restore a sense of connection to spirit as a source of sustenance and hope.

Black Tourmaline-Helps support detoxification process and release accumulated negative or unwanted energies. Protective, grounding and "rooting". Supports and nourishes the 1st chakra.




Organic Rose infused Olive and coconut oils, Almond oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, Rose powder. Rose, Tuberose, honey Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang essential oils, Rose, Borage, Dogwood and Pretty Face flower essences, Rose Quartz Gem essence and a Rose Quartz bead) This is a rich, luscious cream that surrounds you with love, sensuality and beauty. Perfect as an all over body butter or night cream. Brings grace and nourishment to the body, mind and spirit.

Rose Essence-for love and open heartedness, nurturing, comforting and soothing.
Borage Essence-helps to relieve feelings of hopelessness and heavy heartedness. Encourages optimism and a positive outlook on life.
Dogwood Essence-for grace and ease of physical expression. Helps to release trauma from the body and encourage acceptance and joy in the physical incarnation.
Pretty Face essence-helps you to feel pretty, inside and out. Promotes self-acceptance, and appreciation of inner beauty. Encourages inner beauty to radiate outwords.
Rose Quartz essence-builds confidence, unconditional love and heals heart from old wounds.


Organic Coconut Oil, Rose infused Organic Sugar, Aloe Vera and Rose powder. Rose, honey essential oils, and Rose, Mountain Pennyroyal, Star Tulip, Sagebrush flower essences, Rose Quartz Gem essence and a Rose Quartz bead)

Purifying and cleansing to the body, mind and spirit. Opens awareness and strengthens ability to listen to guidance and support from spirit.

Dandelion Tension Tamer Cream-1.7oz $25

(Dandelion infused Organic Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Dill and Grapefruit essential oils, Dandelion, Dill flower essences and Red Jasper gem essence) Every jar also contains a Red Jasper bead.

Creamy and buttery, this rich body cream smells like sunshine. Wild-crafted Dandelions are infused in coconut oil for a tension easing muscle rub or massage cream, or just a daily moisturizing cream.

Eases both emotional and physical tension. Helps to integrate sensory overload and overstimulation from technology and modern life. Great for over-planners, over-doers and over-thinkers. Helps to create a sense of inner calm within an active environment.

Dandelion Flower Essence-Energy without effort, releases deeply held physical and emotional tension.

Dill Flower Essence-Calms nervous system, increases ability to absorb and enjoy the abundance of life.

Red Jasper Bead-Nurturing and protective against negativity. Promotes healing of liver.



Shake well before use

(Organic rose infused Sunflower or olive oil, Aloe Vera juice and Rose, beeswax and honey essential oils, Borage, Corn and Rose flower essences, Rose quartz gem essence and a Rose Quartz bead).

This lightweight, yet moisturizing body splash feels silky and smooth. Infused with our special "Rosylicious" essential oil fragrance blend, it brings a loving, grounded start to your day.

A splash of hope, grounded courage and loving protection.