Natal Chart Consultation

$150 hour

(To make my services more available, I do offer a limited number of trades/barter and sliding scale/payment plan options for those who are of need. These are determined on a case by case basis.)

A natal chart consultation provides you with clarity and insight about your gifts, challenges and life patterns. Learn about your personal “North Star” and how you can help yourself stay centered when life feels chaotic. This reading also covers current events and takes a look at how the planets will effect your chart in the future. In person or long distance by phone, Skype or Facetime


$130 hour

This is the “update” consult. Once we’ve laid a foundation with a Natal Chart consultation,  you can continue to gain insight from the cycles of the stars and planets as they evolve over time. The Planetary Weather Update focuses in on your current and upcoming life path using several predictive astrology tools including: transits, progressions, solar arcs and eclipse cycles. Choose from a monthly update, quarterly or yearly depending on your needs. In person or long distance by phone, Skype or Facetime


Relationship Reading

$250 an hour to an hour and a half

Want to gain greater insight about a relationship? This reading helps you and the other person understand your challenges and maximize your potentials, including communication dynamics, chemistry and how to manage conflicts.

Works with the charts of two people who are in a relationship of any kind. Both people involved in this reading must consent to having their birth data explored and know that this reading is taking place, though both people do not need to be present at the actual reading. In person or long distance by phone, Skype or Facetime



$85 forty-five minutes

Watch your story unfold through the symbols and images of the tarot. This centuries old tool awakens the intuition and creates a framework to understand and navigate life cycles and experiences. A tarot reading can help clarify questions and issues related to work, love, life transitions and more. I sprinkle my tarot readings with a light dusting of astrology, using your natal chart and transits to help paint a fuller picture. In person or long distance by phone, Skype or Facetime


$50 alone or $20 added to a reading (Flower Essences blends are extra and depend on the blend or essences chosen)

Flower essences work with your chart on a vibrational level. Flower essences effect the subtle energy body and can result in profound shifts in perception and patterns. During a consultation I will recommend one or more essences or blends designed to work with your natal chart and/or your current transits. Choose from my line of Wisestars Flower Elixir transit essences or Wisestars Body Potions which I will customize for you according to your current transits, or take a look at some of the other essences available below. Flower Essence Consults (without a full reading) include a twenty minute overview of the current patterns in your chart. I will share why the prescribed essences are appropriate for your current planetary weather and review your future star trends. In person or long distance by phone, Skype or Facetime
Besides my own line of Flower Potions here are some of the other flower essence companies I work with and recommend:

Lotus Wei


FES Services

What do you need to know about booking a consultation?

1. You'll need an accurate birth time so I can cast your chart. The best way to get this is from your birth certificate which can be ordered.

2. Once you click Book a Consultation and check-out, I will email you with a short intake form to gather your birth data and other important info and set up a date/time to talk with you about your chart, either by phone, online chat or in-person in Sonoma County. While I do sometimes have same day appointments, scheduling in advance is recommended.

3. Choose your reading format and indicate when booking your consultation. Reading format options include: in person (Sonoma County, CA), on the phone/skype, online chat, or via digital recording sent to you (this option does not allow for back and forth questions during the reading.)