Today’s Full moon (exact at 3:56 pdt)highlights the Cancer/Capricorn opposition between being and doing, feeling and acting, nesting and producing. With the Sun in the last degrees of Cancer, there is a part of our heart that longs to dwell in our “memories, dreams and reflections” (naturally, Carl Jung had both Mercury and Venus in the sign of Cancer). These last degrees beckon us to enjoy the gentle magic of the Cancer season before the wheel turns once more, softly encouraging us to rest in the warm embrace of the Great Mother, allowing her soothing voice to lure us like the siren, inward, to our own private sanctuary of spirit and imagination.

We want to follow the thread of our muse, drift in the sea of our emotions and cocoon at home, far away from the growing chaos and change in the outside world that seems to threaten our very security and safety.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Capricorn, on the other side of the galaxy, demands our attention with the steadfast drumbeat of reality. The archetypal father, Capricorn, is slightly off balance as it visits with the planet (the moon) that rules it’s opposing sign (Cancer). There’s an uncomfortable invasion of territory as Capricorn travels through territory that is usually off limits to this most practical of signs. The storm and fury of the outside world, the realm of business, government, bureaucracy, has invaded the sanctity of our homes, our inner, most private and delicate selves. There’s a reason we separate home and work, our public persona and our private. Everyone needs time to rest and retreat, safe in the bosom of friends and family, drawing sustenance and support from those who are familiar and trusted.

This Full Moon challenges this natural human instinct to seek refuge in a place of safety and comfort, but it also raises awareness of this basic right and forces us to confront our place in the human family.

Uranus in Aries squared the Sun in Cancer a couple of days ago, shocking the sensitive nervous system of the Crab with lightning bolts of awakening and change. Now we can see more clearly what is really going on, the truth is emerging and it’s not pretty. Sun in Cancer really just wants to run and hide, scuttling off sideways to a more comforting imaginary reality.

As the Moon in Capricorn meets Uranus in Aries today for a jolt of transformation, we are called to put on our “big girl (and boy) pants” and confront what is really, truly happening in the world. Capricorn demands that we “make a plan”, “get with the program” and take a practical look at what we need to do to survive in the current reality, as it is, not how we might like it to be, not how it was in the past, not how it could be in the future, but how it is right now, in this very moment. Capricorn thrives on hard work, commitment, patience, self-discipline and acceptance of the earth plane and all it’s gifts, rules and structures.

We may not like aging, dying, or even gravity very much, but on this plane, it’s a fact of life. We may wish we could instantly manifest all our desires and affirm our way into a new more peaceful, loving reality, but the fact is, here we are as humans on the earth plane and on the global stage there’s a lot of trouble and strife happening right now.

But the work of this full moon isn’t about resting in the truth of either of these two polarities, instead, we are learning about integrating these energies: the loving, soothing comfort of  Cancer with the hard, protective, practicality of Capricorn, while accepting the shocking but truthful awakening of Uranus in Aries. As humans we are complicated, we are creative, “we contain multitudes” we are more than we will ever know or understand. It’s up to us to explore all of our unique possibilities at this important time, evolving hopefully in a way that brings us greater joy, connection and understanding.