My canning cauldron is bubbling away with eclipse infused apples that I’ve spent the last two days peeling, slicing, cooking down and ladling into jars. In the fridge is a chai spiced carrot cake with pistachio cream cheese frosting and I just finished putting an organic, pastured chicken, (strewn with herbs from my garden), in the oven to roast. This week I’ve also done numerous loads of laundry, organized my desk and clutter cleared my closet.
If I sound annoying, well, I’m a Virgo and so yes, I have the ability to annoy. But I’m not always like this, I’ve just been feeling the current planetary weather as Jupiter in Virgo conjuncts my Sun and this New Moon eclipse lights up my South Node and natal Pluto. Something inside of me is compelling me to prepare, to stock up, to get ready for the shifting season and the cooler weather on its way.
So, I’m feeling a little smug right now, in that uniquely irritating Virgo way, as I contemplate my treasures: apple laden shelves, golden skinned chicken and a moist, flavorful carrot cake. I’m about as self-satisfied as a Virgo can be, reveling in the earthy pleasures my hands have created from the lush bounty of this great green earth. I’m expanded and a little over the top, a little like I’m channeling Jupiter, appropriate as the planet of all things “big” moves away from my natal sun. In other words, I’m right where I should be, zealously (maybe overzealously, with Jupiter involved) perfecting, improving and discerning what to keep and what to let go of.
Except….ah, yes, with Virgo there’s always a yes “but”, a one little thing, a detail, an imperfection in the weave of the rug, a crack that lets the light in, a one more step to take before it’s just exactly, precisely, the way it SHOULD be.
And this is where Chiron in Pisces finds me. Forming a nearly exact opposition to this New Moon (and as it happens, conjunct my natal North Node), it is impossible to navigate this heavy Virgo season without recognition that there is more to life than what we can physically touch, see and experience. Facts, science and tangible results are sooo satisfying and familiar to the Virgo soul, but Pisces reminds us of the invisible treasures, the gifts of love, connection and spirit. The herbs I season my food with have a subtle language all their own and if I tune into the right channel and quiet my Virgo mental chatter, I just might be able to hear the voice and feel the spirit of the plants I’ve grown and cultivated.
Chiron, as an asteroid that reminds us of the places we’ve been wounded, disowned or tried to ignore, is at home in Pisces. And as this Virgo/Pisces opposition gains power, I’m thinking that it really doesn’t matter how much I prepare, stock up, organize, shrink my carbon footprint, recycle, or buy organic. If I don’t also recognize and tend to the wounding of the spirit of nature, to the wounding of my own connection to spirit, any healing attempts I make will remain half-baked, missing those crucial mysterious Piscean ingredients that are so very vital to life.
I recently watched a video shared on Facebook that showed a montage of different clips of Syrian refugees arriving at train stations all over Germany. I cried while watching it because the spirit of compassion and generosity was so strong and so powerful. What made the refugees light up was the overriding feeling of welcome, of human connection, the pulse of a great big “One Love” heart that was beating loudly, like a steady, rhythmic force of pure life. The Germans, in this instance, chose love. What a healing to the spirit of Germany, to choose to welcome the “other” with open arms and hearts, rather than with fear.
May our inner Germany welcome and embrace our own inner refugees and may the outer welcoming of refugees grow and flourish globally during this eclipse season. May the New Moon be a reminder of our shared humanity and may we be free of seeing ourselves as victims and instead see our woundedness with compassion and power, as we began to understand how to serve in ways that fulfill both the physical and the spiritual.

Remedies for the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces

Aromatherapy oils are the perfect way to bridge the different expressions of Virgo and Pisces energy. These essential plant and flower oils integrate aromas that inspire earthy Virgo to ground into their senses and also carry the intangible ability to alter mood that helps Pisces flow gracefully with its watery self.

Neroli is a reassuring essence, bringing bright comfort and putting you in touch with your inner child in a gentle way. Neroli can help protect from over-sensitivity and overstimulation by strengthening healthy boundaries.

Lavender is both relaxing to a busy mind and strengthening. It calms and relaxes with a soft touch.

Rose is nurturing and provides a protective embrace. encouraging compassion and heart opening.

Dancing or singing with music, or any kind of movement combined with sound, blends the Virgo need to move the body, with the Pisces desire to escape into something greater. Both signs respond to rhythm and flow, enjoying the pulse of the universe as it expresses itself in both the physical and the spiritual.
Donate or volunteer for something that moves your heart-the physical act of offering time or money pleases Virgo and the spiritual intention of opening your heart to the collective soothes the Pisces soul. Neil Gaiman suggests this refugee relief organization if the refugee situation touches you: #sthash.441OcBCE.dpuf